While eating breakfast , I noticed he wasn't wearing his wedding ring. "Honey,why is your wedding ring not on your finger",I asked. Instead he pretended not to have heard the question. "Ade mi,why didn't you wear your wedding ring"?,I asked again.

 "Can you stop disturbing me. I am allergic to the wedding ring", he replied in anger. Allergic !,I exclaimed in surprise. Yes, allergic,he barked,left his food unfinished and walked away anger. To allow peace to reign, I never opened that chapter of discussion again.

  I was to spend two weeks in Abuja but due to insufficient money ,I had to come back home unannounced, without informing Ade mi. I walked into the living room all stressed up only to see a woman in my pyjamas . "Who the hell is this woman in my pyjamas?", I thought within me. Surprisingly,this unknown woman wasn't shocked  to see me but I was the one shocked to see her. "Good morning,how may I help you ", she said. I wanted to reply her with a hot hard slap ,but the church girl in me calmed me down. I introduced myself as Mrs Joy Eddison,the wife of the man who owns this house and the woman who owns the pyjamas you put on.She was shocked to hear this. She began to shake like jelly fish.


   *Written by:-* Ogunnika Abosede (Dr.Genius)

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