" Who are you?", I asked her . I am .. am.. I am CHI CHI, ADE'S lover,she replied. " I wonder how you were deceived".I wonder what made you think the next thing is to settle with a married man*, I replied. "Hmmm, I am sorry ma. I never knew he was married. He told me he was single and moreover he never wore a wedding ring", she said . While still talking,Ade  walked down the stairs in towel round his waist. I bet he never knew I was around. He was more shocked than a shocker to see me. Chi chi hurriedly went to change ,packed her stuffs and ran out like a fearful rat while Ade knelt down  to apologise. He knew he was exposed already.

 "So ,this is why you don't wear your wedding ring?" "To deceive young ladies that you are still single?", I asked. *"Is this why you lied that you are allergic to ring*?, I asked.  So as to live a wayward life,just as you lived while we were dating. *"Responsible men won't cheat on their wives*, I  said with tears  in my eyes. "Now ,I see you are really allergic to ring",I spat and walked out of his sight . I was too hurt to know what to do,so I decided to pen it down in my dairy.

 What do I do readers?What do I do to this man who did not respect our wedding vows?What do I do to this Mr Allergic To Ring of a husband?

Written by:- Ogunnika Abosede *(Dr Genius)*

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