"Sergeant Komolafe, take this riff-raff into the cell", the DPO spat these words in anger. I was manhandled,roughandled and treated like a piece of shit. I was thrown into a dark room darker than darkness itself. I landed  with a THUD and was greeted by gigantic mosquitoes and school of cockroaches. I spent days in this HELL called CELL. Can you just SELL me than keep me in this horrible place called CELL, I cried out knowing fully well my cries are void.

   A week later, a huge police officer who looks like a bouncer took me out of the cell. I never believed I could see light  again. I was ushered into  a room with virtually nothing,just two chairs and a table. I sat on the vacant chair while other chair was occupied by a woman. "This is the interrogating room" , explained the woman who introduced herself as Mrs Benzel an investigator from the headquarter.

  "Mr Iremitide Damsol, I want to know your story",she said . "Records shows that you are gifted in playing all musical instruments . But same record shows that you have defiled over twenty children within the age of 4-6. This then makes you a INFANTOPHILIA",she said  "What led you to this?she asked.

   "I knew I was guilty. I knew I deserve no mercy. I have sexually abused innocent children. I deserve to rot in jail for the crimes I have committed but before then , I will share my story" , ,I said. Tears dropped from my eyes ,my hands trembles as I began to speak . "I am sorry for being a INFANTOPHILIA. I name my story CIRCLE OF ABUSE", I said. 

It all started at the age of 4. I lived with my mum and her sisters. My father was late. My mum goes to work very early in the morning  and comes back late in the night . So I was left in the care of her 2 sisters  and house help. When mum was away,her two sisters and househelp will take turns to sexually abuse me. I couldn't tell mum. They threatened to kill  me if I do. I was sexually abused for good seven years until mum moved to her own apartment. At the age of 10 ,I knew virtually everything about sex. I grew up in this . Craving for sex with children which led me to being a INFANTOPHILIA. Because I was abused as a child,so I ended up sexually abusing children.THIS IS MY STORY. I am sorry.


*Written By* :-Ogunnika Abosede Olabode(Dr.Genius)

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