The passionate nobles amongst the ancients, 

Would assuredly have spoken comforting words,

To those who lament in their territories,

Words like... don't worry, THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT...


Decades or even centuries later

Amongst the kids whom they call their future

There arise new set of COMFORTERS

Echoing the same lines of the ancestors



From age to age, the office of THE COMFORTERS has never been empty,

As from age to age,the hope for a bright future has never ceased,

The cycle of FUTURES hoping for another BRIGHT FUTURE seems to be everlasting

With the evergreen line... THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT...



How far away then, is the future

Will it ever come or it doesn't exist?

Or... does it exist while the torch bearers are asleep?

When will the need for comforters die

 Because the future is already bright?

I ask now...

Will the office of the comforters ever be vacant?


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