Annoying bus experience.

In a bus, you'll find every kind of person you can imagine. 


See this fat woman beside me, yelling I should shift even with the little space I occupy. Like, yeah old lady, you're the one with the big butt and fat body and you're one screaming like we wouldn't be paying same amount? Sorry Ma,but you're mad! 


And this lady with the three children that paid for just one sit, right behind my sit. The smallest amongst her children is here pulling and dragging my hair from behind, looking back to get like an apology from the mother, and all she does is remove the baby's hand from my hair, and not a single word of apology comes out from her mouth. Excuse me lady, weren't you taught manners? Oh lord! 


Not forgetting the very louzy man sitting in front of me, sighting out the problem in and not in Nigeria, like there's anything he'll be able to do than talk and lament. Seems like he's looking for a blame to his frustration. The part that annoys me the most is the over exaggerating to every single thing. Imagine this man saying, "if you step into Dangote's house, nowhere to put your leg, everywhere money" Ah, ah, ah, Sir, this is why you can't make it on earth and any world beyond. 


I don't even want to keep going on. I'm mad and I'm furious and all I can do write now is right. Thank God today's my off day and on my off days, my heart is extremely good. Something would have happened right now! 

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