Save us

Save us oh Lord from the arrows of the archers of life
Save us oh Lord from the evil man we don’t know
Save us oh Lord from the man that shakes us without knowing he has ached us
Save us oh God from the horror man and his horror Plans
Keep us oh God from the man that smiles at us with a scornful heart
Keep us oh God from the one that hugs us and then stab us
Keep us we pray from the eyes of the monitors that waits to torment us
We pray father that you cover us from the snare of the Fowler as we abide under your feathers
Guide our path oh God that we don’t be the victim of the pit of the evil man
Guide our flexible heart from the fake heart
Teach us who to trust so that we won’t be tossed
Carry us in your hands oh God cos that is the save place
Keep us oh God, cover us with your shield, keep us under The ROCK
For the heart of man is desperate to kill…..
Save us oh God we pray thee


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