Suffix and prefix

The wind has blown,

The tree now leaves us.

Our body is cold,

The fire now eat us.

Come back to us and back our front,

Come back and show to us your white and black.


We’ve heard enough;

Enough of the screeching sound of affix,

Our eyes most be clear soon a must,

Cleared like the sparkling crystal-line of axes.

Come back to us and front our back,

Come back and show to us your black and white.


Hours of wickedness noun, Turned to weak-end-less now.

Evenings of night, may turn to light verb-noun,

Come now and let our nights night lite,

And let our light light ninth.


Come back to us and back our front,

Come back and show to us your white and black.


I plead on you;

To hearken to this harmonious susurrations,

Hearken now to keep us bound to each other,

Like the coalesce bound of morphemes.



Olayemi Joshua Olagunju ©2018

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