Light at the end of the tunnel.

Light at the end of the tunnel.

She banged the cell door hitting it furiously.

She called until she lost her voice.

Pleading for someone out there to help her, anyone.

Help! Help!! Help!!! She cried.

She had been there for two days with no light and it looked as if no help was coming

Her faith was waning, she couldn't believe that she was kidnapped.

If only she had listened to her mother.

She remembered how her mom had begged her not to leave the house.

' Don't go out this night, you can go tomorrow '

But she refused to listen, she felt it was better to go that very night than to wait till the morning.

Her thoughts were getting gloomy as the hours passed by.

She eventually lost hope on the fourth day.

There was no way help was coming her way, she hadn't heard from anyone since the day of her kidnap and it looked as if she had actually been forgotten there.

'This was where I heard the shout from', a man said convincing his friends.

She heard their voices but thought it was her imagination playing pranks on her again.

'Hello! Anyone there!', the man asked.

She managed to raise her feeble and frail hands to hit the cell hoping they heard.

God was on her side that day because they heard it and were running towards the cell door.

Shining their torch into the cell they were amazed, she stretched her hands out towards the light then she passed out.

She was rushed to the hospital and eventually regained consciousness.


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