Avoid expensive boutiques when you don't have enough money and go for OK wears. You will still look good. It is all about packaging.


In London, family and friends open heartedly celebrate your degree , appointment and achievement of which you dance and leave you glass of wine open. Don't try it here especially in your village. Lekwa gị lekwa ili ma gị nwaa ya ebe a - see you see early grave if you try it here. London and your village are two conflicting entities with different realities.


Don't spend your little earnings in club.

Use it to feed well and take care of yourself. You have parent(s) and sibling(s) , don't you? Spend it on them.

Clubbing is not meant for you.


As the head of the family your salary is 30k but your wife's salary is 300k.

If declining her transfer from Lagos to Enugu will cause her to to be sacked please quit your job and join her there.

The survival of your family comes first before ego. Besides , your placenta is not buried in Lagos beside that mango tree.


If you cannot afford Executive Express Transit with AC at 15k from Ibadan to Owerri please enter ordinary bus of 5k with breeze from the windows. What matters is that you will get to your destination.

The vehicle is a means to an end , not an end itself. Besides the car won't belong to you after the trip.


As a student , you must not live in the best lodge/hostel on campus. You know the kind of home you come from. Go for the rent you can afford. Nobody asks "where did you live at while schooling?". They only ask, "what grade did you make OR what do you have upstairs after schooling?".


The primary essence of mobile phone is for communication. Go for the phones that can afford. Don't put yourself on high-jump just to use the latest iPhone. Every reigning phone/thing MUST soon become obsolete. So why dying to have it ?


Ask questions when you relocate to a new environment. Know how they operate. For the fact that you go out and come back by 11pm at your former place doesn't mean you will maintain the same routine in this new place. Be properly guided so that you wouldn't be used as a sacrificial lamb. This is very important.


Don't use your last 4mil to buy Bez when you don't have up to 200k left to fuel and maintain it with. Your friend who bought it might have up to 10mil left in his account after purchase.

A well packaged Camry "tiny lights" can suffice. Package it well with good AC plus powerful sound system - nkwa ka ụgbọ. E go still reach anywhere wey Benz reach.


If you are hungry but have small money on you whereas you still have other pressing needs to attend to, please go and eat "without meat". The battle is against hunger and to stay alive. You are not a carnivorous animal which must eat meat to stay alive.


For the fact that you can't afford something today doesn't mean you can't afford it even 10 times tomorrow.

Living by the REALITY that life presents you with at the moment helps you to win in order to enjoy tomorrow.


Life is real. 

Stay real.

Remain blessed.


©️ #Elder George Nwachukwu

July 23, 2019.

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