My Diary! [OFF TRACK ūüö∂)


I was in class when they broke the news

I thought it was a prank and I went to play

I joke around with my friends,

I still don't trust the source

My mama said I should be strong 

That the news was true 

God I can't cry

I swing my mood for month 

But am always still angry 

I can't just believe all what people told me


I respect no one 

I fear nobody  

But the smile on my face is to fake everybody

I work, I pray, I write... but still no gain

Though that was years back but now I still feel the pain. 



Finally I got a friend who understand me 

A female friend who stood by me and encourage me

Still when  I look around it looks like I gat no relative

Except for her, my mom and siblings why the negative

I remember the day I failed my post jamb, I saw all my friends leaving me 

But still stay strong because 

Mum told me Never to let it be

I promise her I will Never give up

Until I get above the peak

If even though I lose more money, time...  and ink

But fail the second time 

God! I feel like that result wasn't  mine!! 



Now when  see others with their Dad

 Chilling down the line

Gat me remember those days

When am still nine

I won't cry profusely 

Just because... 

I got crazy trying to be like other teen

I have to be me!

I have  to work hard to make mama proud

I don't have to be mean

I hate this cruel world 

But when there is life with God there is hope!


 I gat so many ideas dream or goals

But every one of it has is own foe !

I have my child invention

But no Creation

Why? Because no motivation

And i was asked, Who killed it?

I said "I"

Because  I gave up on my ideas 

but now am back 

I won't let it go dark

Even in the name of "lack"

I won't even stuck it up in the sack

Never will I give up until I got a mark

Time up, now i promise never again to let it go OFF TRACK!! 

                       ©Omaku Samuel Onimisi

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