My plasmodic invasion


I had just returned from my trip to the Eko hotels, after my adventure to the Victoria Island.

I would never forget the sight of the beautiful barges as they cruise the lagos Lagoon, and the Petit canoes lay on the coastline. 

If not for the constant interruption I received from the cold that ran through my spine, the memory of my Eko hotel adventure would have been evergreen. I said to myself; 'I think I'm coming down with something'. I had just had the second rigor attack that evening and my body temperature had risen to 38.9c on the mercury in-glass. I think I could perceive the rupturing of my red blood cells as the plasmodic schizonts burst out of them. I knew my innocent immune system had suffered another plasmodic attack, but I knew not when I was bitten.Maybe those anopheles were special spies or some secret agents.

Mungo park must have felt the same way after his trip across The Naija. I knew our skin were different, and the ritualistic Anopheles won't dare feed a son of the soil to their gods. I had quickly rushed to the nearest pharmacy to order for some antimalaria. And that saw the end of the malarious torment.

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