Seduction of the Dark Side

They say the dark side

Is where no light reside;

Where you can't see who's on your side;

Where all rights are shoved aside.


When my moral compass is broken

  1. And I'm lost in the woods,

I hear its soft whispers – it tickles,

Not frightening boos and hoots.


I can't say if it's pressure or pleasure

But I feel it builds up around me,

Like a vacuum cleaner ready to suck me

Into the abyss to caress dark treasures


Sometimes its serenade drowns

The angel's voice on the other shoulder

When I let my righteous guard down

To get high on its note till I'm sober


And sometimes I go hanging on the cliff

That separates the other side from the dark side.

With my feet dangling in the face of the wormhole that lies below,

So ensues a tug of war so stiff

Between both sides

And each time I'm never sure

Which side I'll land on – the other side or the dark side


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