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Beautiful Queen , you went to shopping mall with your fiance. One thing led to another and a lady abused your man and called him Ewu(goat), Atụrụ(sheep) or woman-wrapper. Out of annoyance your fiance slapped and beat the said lady mercilessly (ọkuru ya ihe tinka kuru pan).

Fellow shoppers and workers in the mall came by to save the tongue wagging poor girl from the fist of your Boo Boo.

The security men around even begged him to stop beating her. Of course they can't arrest him na as a big boy in town. Usu onwekarani ọnụ - who get mouth kwanu ?


While in the car, you told him that that lady lacked respect and you wished he handled him better than the way he did way. Oga bragged and said he was in a good mood then, that the stupid girl should even go and thank her 'Chi' (her God/god).

Immediately he drove reach home, even before he could off the ignition of his car and pull out key, you've already pulled out the average key in-between his legs which became longer at you grip and sucked the hell out off it like lilipop which ended in a mind blowing asọkọmbioyoyo (I'm not explaining that to you joor🙄).

You left after the weekend with 2bags filled with gifts and a robust cash.



According to your fiance during your last visit , he said that in every two days if he does not take some bottles of beer that he cannot feel the same way, as in normal again. Both of you laughed over it as he brought out and handed over the latest iPhone which he promised you 3 days again. 

He even added that without marijuana (guff/igbo/nnanyi-bi-n'ime-ọhịa) that he cannot shit.

Everything sounded funny to you, more like a lifestyle.




Boss man, your beautiful girlfriend cum fiancee can be so caring only the times you surprised her with gifts and money but she becomes sullen and hostile once you are not having or when you've not been paid salary.

Ego dị mma shaa- Money good o.

If money no dey na wetin she gain ? - In Rude-Boy's (Psquare) voice.


Hey Mr , the other day you went to the market together with your fiancee , she abused and called that ugu(vegetable) seller all sorts of names simply because she refused to give her 3 wraps of ugu  at ₦120 instead of ₦150. 

The vegetable seller was an old-looking woman (although not truly old in reality. Just that suffering had shock has with her), but she (your fiancee) told her that she's suffering because she didn't go to school. She even called her a witch.

EVEN AS BOTH OF YOU were leaving the market gate, she purposefully refused to give the 10naira change in her palm to that poor haggard looking beggar with the claim "I hate lazy people. This idiot should go and work"


Fast-forwarded to 2/3 years. The nuptial knot has been tied with a child or more.


Out of mood swing after a stressful day coupled with pregnancy stress you called Oga Idiot, foolish man. He slapped you and beat the heal out of you which even caused you miscarriage. 

You became surprised because this was not the man you married to.

Who told you that ? Do you remember that lady , the tongue wagger at the mall whom hubby beat mercilessly about 3years ago? 

Smiles.. Now that he cannot get hold of same lady, I'm sorry to inform you that you are the replacement punching-bag.


He is now the Chairman, St Bottles Association of his Area. He has now advanced from Nigeria breweries to kaikai/shekwe.

He currently smokes anything smokable. Chimney or motor airzose cannot even contend with him right now.

 In fact he derives joy , warmth and orgasm in beer and weed more than your juicy horny pot.

Auntymi why are you surprised now at his disposition as a drunk and chain smoker? 

Didn't you see these signs earlier ?


She now denies you food since you lost your job. Rumour has it that she is usually seen while coming out from exotic cars of late every evening with skimpy/sexy wears..

Are you surprised that she does not show you love again and has been moving out with men?

Konji is even killing you now sef because for 3months now you've not seen her pant talk more of climbing the holy mounting.

Do you now remember those days that she would usually become moody and sullen once you've not been paid salary and given her some money ?


She currently insults your mother and call your spinster sisters "Agadi ekwe nka/Nna ga alụ - old mamas/father will marry daughters". She does everything within the limit of her power to make sure you don't help any of your brothers or friends.

You are now wondering how come you married a Jezebel as a wife when are Abraham in nature.

Can you now remember the first time you went to the market together with her ?

That vegetables seller and beggar are not within her reach again. You, your family and friends are now serving as the replacements.



Here me!

Nobody hides his or her true character or identity during dating.

You are the one who help hide it for them.


Some people dated and married their wrong partners today due to money, fame, beautiful,

 or academic qualifications without considering attitude and compatibly.


All the dramas and ugly experiences in many marriages today could have been avoided. Yes , they are quite avoidable.

But people do choose to place their EMOTION at the forefront during dating while they keep REALITY at the rare.


EMOTION is transient. It is more like the joy that comes with ejaculation. It does not last or stand the test of time. 

EMOTION does not keep a relationship/marriage. REALITY does.


Date with your senses , not with emotion  or sentiment to avoid regrets in marriage.


©️ Elder George Nwachukwu,

August 17, 2019.


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