As I walked down street, 

 fighting the mind battle in Silent, 

And my mind got load up with too many secrets. 

Should I let it go? 

  Or should i hold it back

Too many lies to cover up tracks of lies.

Even at individual sight, 

I cried profusely 


Because I accused myself falsely, 

And my conscience is dying slowly

Also the flies of lies are eating up the mind rapidly. 


  Lies never set you free, 

It only hang you like a bat on the tree. 

It never set the mind free, 

Like a written reverse small letter "e"

It keep the mind free at the beginning 

And trap it at the end. 


Lies,  will always trap your mind in dark

And put your conscience in the sack! 


Thinking of lies to put down


    Or speak the truth


Tell the truth and face the SHAME

No, lie to the world and get the FAME


Speak the truth and win the war

Or write down rhymes of lies and lose the war. 


Truth set the conscience free, 

Lies kill the conscience. 


Because the conscience is like a MEDIC in a brigade of soldiers 

If you lose your Medic

You lose your soldiers 

You lost the war

You lose your mind! 



  oh God what i should say?  

     What is my fate?


Now no more lies,  am trap, 

Even with the map


As I get to the end of the street

Soaked with raining cloud of my sweat 

Hope I survive with the little

To win the THE MIND BATTLE!!



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