To Slide, People Need a Slide, not a Rollercoaster


To Slide, People Need a Slide, not a Rollercoaster


Technology is meant to make us live our lives better; to become more efficient with little stress. All technological inventions are like a piece of art, without the makers input, we may never grasp it's full value or essence. However, not all inventions come with a manual, even the ones that do, we don't read them. This results in a situation whereby the potential to  under-use these various inventions become high.

Many of us have sent the phrase "Slide into my DM" many times on WhatsApp in broadcast messages to advertise our goods or services, to create awareness, to disseminate information etcetera, but most times what we bring to the field is a rollercoaster, not a slide. We type our contact numbers in their natural format so it compels people to go out of WhatsApp to save the contact just so they can come back to WhatsApp to DM us. This is not sliding; sliding ought to be smooth and effortless. This act is rather counterproductive and stressful, meanwhile we can actually make them slide by creating a contact link: a feature on WhatsApp that brings anybody on any platform on the internet (be it a website, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter) directly to your DM.

All it takes to create your personal WhatsApp contact link is to copy and edit the link below.



1. Select and copy the link

2. Paste it on a platform (preferably WhatsApp)

3. Edit from the part that has the number "234..." by deleting the numbers there)

4. Type your own number in that format (note that it is without a "+" and it is written in international format so no "0" in the beginning of the number)

5. The end, your contact link is set

You can now broadcast it on your platforms, paste it in the body of a broadcast you have created already or add other details (IN SEPARATE PARAGRAPHS). Be careful not to add unnecessary character to your link and make sure you type your contact correctly to prevent your audience from sliding into another people's DM or sliding totally out of WhatsApp. You can test if your link is working by first sending your link to a friend to test if clicking on it will bring them to your DM, if it doesn't then you have done something wrong, go over the process again; if it brings them to your DM, congratulations! You are good to go.


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