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A saying goes thus: Let him who would first move the world first move himself. As a person, the best version you can be is to be yourself without any pretence. Life itself is a huge blessing to you so, living it in a productive way is by discovering yourself which is the best gift you can give in return to Life..  

Before starting the sojourn of discovery, you should LOVE YOURSELF, DO GOOD, FORGIVE OTHERS, BE POSITIVE and FOCUS. As a person, personal development is important in self discovery because you get to learn more and know yourself better. 

You should realise that your LIFE doesn't consist of your breathe alone, it is made up of the impact that your life is. Ask yourself questions like.. Am I busy living? Or Am I busy dying? Have deep thoughts and analyse things you want for yourself, you are not self centered but then you are your own PRIORITY.  

Life goes beyond sleeping and waking, it has much more to offer you and be willing to grab the opportunity anytime it's available. You should go for counselling sessions, personal development training and read books that will help you discover who you really are..  

You should know your temperament trait, your own love language and your essence of being because if you can't define yourself then you can't Define another person. Your essence of being is what Self Discovery helps you to know and you will be able to highlight points that are relevant..

Don't worry yourself too much because it is a total waste of time. Be Consistent in whatever you do and it will really help you in knowing who you are. You need to create value so you can be prosperous so start today and gear up towards Discovering yourself because that's the best gift you can give yourself. 

Your self esteem must not be crushed so you need to stand firm in discovering yourself as a person and don't let it slide. You should know what you want and desire from people so it all starts with you... 

You should know your purpose because if you don't, then abuse is inevitable. If you discover yourself, people will respect your self esteem and development because you will be able to set your priorities right.. 

So, discover yourself with passion because your life depends on it so you can make a difference that is unique.... 

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